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    Glen Bressner


    Mr. Bressner has served as a member of our board of directors since June 2014, and as a director of CareKinesis since August 2010. Since September 2008, Mr. Bressner has served as a Managing Partner for Originate Ventures, a venture capital investment firm targeting early stage companies in the Mid-Atlantic region with a focus on medical devices, healthcare, consumer, information technology, web-based and commercial products. Mr. Bressner has been a Managing Partner with Mid-Atlantic Venture Funds since October 1985 and combined its fifth fund to help establish Originate Ventures. Mr. Bressner is Vice Chairman of NASDAQ-listed Innovative Solutions and Support Inc., a provider of flat panel display systems to the aerospace industry, and currently serves as the Chairman of its Audit Committee. Over his career, Mr. Bressner has served on the board of various health-related companies, including Access Health, Inc., UltraCision, Inc., CareGain, Inc. and FSAstore.com, Inc. Mr. Bressner has been a Partner and board member of Alum-a-Lift, Inc. since January 1987. He is currently a member of the Board of Governors of St. Christopher's Hospital for Children. The board of directors believes that Mr. Bressner's experience in venture capital makes him a valuable member of our board of directors.